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Real estate valuation from the specialist for special real estate

There is a major difference whether you want to determine the market value of a car dealership or the original value of a restaurant. Only if you understand the business model and the industry to which the real estate belongs it is possible to obtain reliable real estate valuations.

For more than 20 years, we have focused on the valuation of specialty real estate, office and commercial properties and are one of the leading real estate valuers in this field.

How do current developments in mobility affect the “car dealership” business model? And what does this mean for the car dealership asset class?

For a long time, parking garages were considered exotic and out of the consideration of a professional investor. Accordingly, the transaction volume was low. This has changed fundamentally in the last ten years.

Recently, it has become increasingly necessary to make objective value statements for company-owned commercial properties – e.g. due to balance sheet requirements or sale-and-lease-back measures.

Special-purpose real estate is property that is intended for a particular type of use. These include theaters, prisons, train stations, airports and steel mills.

Take-away and home delivery not only in times of pandemic – regional cuisine in times of globalization: When valuing such real estate, it is important to understand what processes of change are underway.

Home office also in the future or renaissance of the office? Hardly any other asset class is likely to be more affected by current developments. What does this mean for the value of office buildings?

The logistics industry has experienced a rapid upward trend over the past decade. However, higher volumes of goods, increased competition and securing of supply chains, but also pressure to optimize, pose challenges for the industry.

Conversion areas are fallow or unused properties that are to be returned to the economic and natural cycle, such as unused railroad and postal areas or former military sites.

In textiles, shoes, media and electrical goods, “online” is already the biggest competitor to stationary retail. Now grocery retailers must also adjust to Internet competition.

Full inpatient nursing homes are special properties that are not only defined by property structure, market demand and general competition, but in particular by the operator of the facility.

Clients and references
As a specialized real estate surveyor, we are trusted based on our understanding of our clients' properties as well as their business models.

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Many clients hire us multiple times (and say they just love working with us).
Our valuations and real estate appraisals are fully recognized by courts, authorities, banks and tax offices.


In deed: There are many different values that can be determined in a real estate valuation. Which one is ultimately needed always depends on the purpose and occasion of the valuation.

Usually, our clients commission the following appraisals or services from us. In addition, we always clarify together which value statements or appraisals are needed before placing the order.

Market value assessment

Market value assessment

The determination of market values is one of the most frequent tasks for the real estate surveyor. Real estate purchases and sales, corporate transactions, inheritances, for the balance sheet, court opinions, might be a few use cases.

Mortgage lending value assessment

Mortgage lending value assessment

When real estate is used as collateral for loans, the mortgage lending value is always asked for. What exactly this is and how it is determined by us, you will learn here.

Original value assessment

Original values – also known as reinstatement values – play a major role above all in insuring real estate – against fire, for example.

Tax assessments

The tax authorities often have their own idea of how much a property is worth. Since the amount of taxes is determined on the basis of these values, it is often worthwhile to submit your own appraisal.

Highest & Best Use Analyses

Sell or hold? Are there hidden potential uses or optimization ideas? Refurbish? Modernize? Invest? Highest & Best Use analyses are about concrete recommendations for action.

Expert opinions

Sometimes it might make a difference to get a second opinion. With an expert opinion, we check whether an existing real estate appraisal is factually and professionally correct.

rights & obligations

Rights and obligations can have a significant impact on real estate values. Therefore, the correct valuation is particularly important when it comes to compensation payments or taxes or, for example, in court.

operating equipment & machinery

In the case of companies, of which machinery and operating equipment are important in addition to real estate, we offer complete valuations. Therefore, we offer complete valuations together with our partner MERKER INDUSTRIEBEWERTUNGEN.